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1 oct. 2012

Miss International - Tour Itinerary

Tour Itinerary

Oct.1 The delegates arrive at Naha international airport, Okinawa, Japan 


Oct.2 Visiting Okinawa Senseki Quasi-National Park

Press Conference at Shuri-Jyo castle

Oct.3 Visiting OIST

          (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)

Oct.4 Activity in Manza beach (Traditional rowing, Snorkelling)

Oct.5 Taking historical lecture at Okinawa National University

Oct.6 Miss International Parade at Naha Festival

Oct.7-8 “Naha Giant Tag of War”, traditional cultural event

Oct.9 Reception party for Japan Open Golf Championship

Oct.10. Visiting Chura-Umi Aquarium

Oct.11 Activity in Kanucha Resort (Okinawa Tradition & Culture)

Oct.12 Ecological Activity (Kanucha Resort)

Oct.13 Visiting Koza (Okinawa city)

           and local football team (FC Ryu-kyu)

Oct.14 Visiting Nanjyo city

           Japan Open Golf Championship

Oct.15 Sightseeing in Ishigaki island and Miyako island

Oct.16 Recess

Oct.17 Experience of Okinawa traditional noodle and fabric

Oct.18-19 Rehearsal

Oct.20 Welcome Party with Governor

Oct.21 The 52nd Miss International final at Okinawa Budo-kan

(Prefectural Martial Arts Hall)

Oct 22 The delegates leave from Okinawa to go back home country

Top5 and special prize winners will remain in Okinawa until 29th, and Top 5 winners will stay in Tokyo until Nov.5.


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