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16 nov. 2013

Ekaterina Nakonechnaya - Miss Volgograd 2010

Ekaterina Nakonechnaya, Russian model, journalist, winner of Miss Volgograd 2010, and one of the strongest contestants during Miss Russia 2011, grants us a very interesting interview about Miss Universe 2013.
She really knows what she says, not only because of her international experience, but because she was at the semfinals on November 5th, and she is sharing with us her impressions, and a little bit of her life.

What motivated you to participate in beauty contests?

My first motivation - it's myself. It's a perfect chance to show what I can do already and what I must improve in myself.
Second motivation - it's time to become happier. The most important in beauty contests - to enjoy every moment! Ladies, please, don't be rivals!
And third motivation - when I take part in beauty contests I become more elegant and more graceful

In your family, which person supported you the most?

All my family supports me all the time. It's very important for me. I love my parents and want to say "You are the best support in the world!"

Did you receive the same support from them, when you were 14 years old and started modelling?

I got their support since birth, and when I started modeling at 14 years old they gave me advices and didn't allow me to eat too much, especially chocolate! I'm very grateful for it.

Please tell us about your first experience as a model:

My first fashion show was in my hometown Volgograd in 2006. Almost 7 years ago, oh, my God!))
In 2007, I participated in model contest "Supermodel of the World" in Moscow, Russia. After this contest I got invitation to work as model on Russia Fashion Week and Moscow Fashion Week. I did 10 shows, included fashion shows of designer Nicky Hilton (sister of Paris Hilton) and famous designer Giorgio Armani (it was so excited!).
Later I start to work in Asia.

What did your participation in Miss Russia teach you?

I've never forgotten my participation in Miss Russia. Now I understand, that it was very important part in my life. The contest taught me to be a strong personality and to move to your dream no matter what! I want to thank all direction for this big lesson!

In 2013, what does Ekaterina Nakonechnnaya has accomplished?

Now I'm finishing the Russian State University of Trade and Economy, also I work at state online newspaper "Spravedlivaya Gazeta" and organize beauty contests (Miss Russia Volgograd, Little Miss Russia Volgograd, Mrs World Volgograd) and business evenings in my hometown.

You are covering Miss Universe 2013 pageant. Do you really think it will be the best show in the history of Miss Universe?

Yes, I'm sure in it! Everybody from all over the world knows that Russians have a wide soul! It means that it will be the best show in the history of MU! Welcome to Russia!

Which ones are in yout Top 10, and why?

I want to confess - it's very hard!

My Top 10 in MU 2013:
Brazil - She's very kind and quite like Olivia Culpo.

Great Britain - She's gorgeous, her blond hair, her white smile, her amazing flower evening dress

Korea - She is the most beautiful asian participant

Nicaragua - Nicar-r-r-ragua-a-a! I love her energy and her body.

Poland - I like her elegance, her style during all competitions

Puerto Rico - Her yellow evening dress, her look as a Queen, her eyes

Spain - Her amazing smile, ideal body, her true eyes

Switzerland - She's extraordinary. I like her hairstyle

Ukraine - I like her way to walk

Russia - I like her nature beauty and how she looks like a little girl
To my readers I want to say: "Ladies, You are all beautiful. there is no one winner, because the final isn't an ending, it's just the great beginning in your life! Good luck!"

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