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11 dic. 2012

Carey Ng - Miss Universe Malaysia 2013

Cheseng Kok

Age : 23
Hometown : Kuala Lumpur
Hobbies : Exploring art, travelling and dance

Carey’s “extroverted introvert” personality has given her the best of both worlds, allowing her to be both shy yet cheeky; confident yet humble. She believes the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant is a great platform for young women to gain exposure and empower not only themselves, but other young women out there. Through the pageant, she hopes to obtain a voice to reach out to bigger audiences with greater influence for the causes that she believes in.

Carey advocates that beauty can be found in everyone. While some people may be more physically gifted than others, she says that that looks alone does not constitute beauty, and believes that true beauty has to be earned – the harder it is to earn, the greater the beauty. She believes that her genuineness and compassion to and for people will carry her far in the pageant.

As an architectural graduate, she would like to use her influence garnered from the pageant to reach out to post-disaster and poverty stricken areas which are particularly underprivileged and unequipped with basic living conditions. Carey would like to bank in on her education to work closely with an organization called Architecture for Humanity to provide and aid these demographic with good and comfortable homes.


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