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4 mar. 2011

ENTREVISTA EXCLUSIVA; Miss Suiza Universo 2010-2011 Kerstin Cook [Solo en Inglés]

BT: Is a big challenge for you Being crowned Miss Switzerland?
KC: It is a great honour for me to be crowned Miss Switzerland and a dream come true.
I wouldn't call it a challenge, but its hard work and you always have to be at your best. Its not always easy, but I really enjoy the work and all the new things that I learn.
BT: How did the title of the most beautiful woman in your country change your life?
KC: Being Crowned Miss Switzerland has changed my life completely. I am always in the public eye and people recognize me wherever I go. I have also had the privilege of being able to travel all over Switzerland and abroad. 

BT: You dropped out your studies to devote to becoming Miss Switzerland or even have in mind retake them?
KC: Yes I am considering continuing my studies when the time is right.
BT: Before being a beauty queen, what were you doing?
KC: Before becoming Miss Switzerland I was working in a shop to finance my studies. I was also competing in athletics and doing some modeling

BT: A large weight on top, how do you think take the crown of Miss Universe?
KC: I am really looking forward to taking part in the Miss Universe and hope to reach the final. I work very hard to achieve my goals and I always put my heart into whatever I do. I know it will be very hard to become Miss Universe, but no matter what I will give my best.

BT: Who is Kerstin Cook?
KC: I am a natural positive thinking woman. I have found my passion in sport so I am a very active person:).
I always put my heart into all my work to achieve my goals. I love laughing so I am also trying to make other people laugh:)
I think its wrong to judge over people you don't know. I am always around to help people so 
I never put myself into first place.My family is the most important thing in my life I couldn't live without them. I was brought up in a hard working family so I don't take things for granted. I am thankful for everything I have got.

BT: Miss Universe will be held in Brasil, What do you think?
KC: My family never had a lot of money, so we didn't travel a lot. I haven't seen much of the world so I am really looking forward to be able to travel to Brazil

BT: Are you in a relationship?
KC: Yes, I am in a very happy relationship

BT: If you don’t win Miss Universe, what are your plans for the future?
KC: I want to carry on with my studies
BT: Was a dream from your childhood to be a Beauty Queen?
KC: Actually my childhood dream was to become a professional athlete :) but I always looked up to beauty queens

BT: How are you going to earn the Brazilian Public? 
KC: I hope I can win them over by staying a natural and charismatic person. I want to show them the real me. I think real beauty comes from inside.

BT: Tell us about your family. What happened when you told them your desire to be Miss? Did they support you?
KC: My family is very close, they supported me straight from the start and they also believed in me. I can count on my family no matter what.

BT: What advice would you give to teenagers who want to be like you?
KC: I would tell them to believe in themselves and always give their best.

BT: Do you believe that a woman with just being beautiful can win Miss Universe?
KC: No I don't believe that. I think there are far more important things than just being beautiful like personality, intelligence and charm.

BT: What did you think of the BLOG “The Perfect Miss”
KC: I really like the The Perfect Miss Blog. It has lots of information about all the beauty pageants.

BT: Thanks for letting us Interview you…
KC: Thank you for the interview I really enjoyed it. love from Kerstin Cook


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