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6 mar. 2012


Miss Universe Slovenia contest: Status, Dead
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The Miss Universe Slovenia competition took place for 10 years, but after the financial collapse -last year- of the magazine which organized the event, the fate of the contest is up in the air.
According to a report by Slovenian outlet Siol, the magazine which organized the national competition for 10 years, went bankrupt in 2011. Its representatives withdrew from public light and their emails have not been answered.
The Miss Universe Organization did not answer questions regarding the matter.
The report also states that the license fee for the Miss Universe franchise was not paid last year, being one of the many difficulties the now extinct magazine faced. Media was also investigating rumors that rival beauty competitions would be interested in the license, but representatives of those pageants commented that “it is completely false”.
The Miss Universe Slovenia competition started in 2001 and during its 10-year tenure it had one semi-finalist: Tjasa Kokalj in 2007.
This means that Slovenia is out -for the first time in 10 years- of the Miss Universe pageant.


Froken Norge (Miss Norway) says goodbye after 25 years
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Norway’s main beauty pageant closes down its doors after 25 years
Geir Hamnes, president of Best Company (leading production and management company in Norway) told Norwegian outlet VG that the Froken Norge (Miss Norway) competition, will no longer take place.
Hamnes, who named his son Daniel director of the contest in 2010, said that the interest in this kind of competition in the country has decreased considerably, and no TV channels are interested in the event. “Without TV, interest from the sponsors dropped like a falling stone”.
Geir added that during the past five years, he has been financing the competition with revenues from his own company. “Without sponsors, no money is coming in; and it is very difficult for us to continue when the final result is nothing but red numbers”, he said.
Froken Norge, the main beauty pageant in Norway, sent its contestants to Miss World and Miss Universe competitions. The event started in 1986 and managed to obtain a Miss Universe winner, Mona Grudt in 1990.
VG also reported that there will not be a Norwegian delegate at the Miss World contest in August, due to the closure of the competition. The country will not return to the Miss Universe competition either. VG

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