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20 ago. 2011

Entrevista Exclusiva; Miss Georgia Universo, Eka Gurtskaia

“The Perfect Miss” conversó un poco con Eka Gurtskaia, Miss Georgia quien en Septiembre del 2010 obtuvo la oportinidad de representar a su país en el certamen internacional, Miss Universo 2011 el cual se celebrará en Sao Paulo,Brasil y cuya final es el 12 de Septiembre.
"I think my appearance and my individualism will help me"

- Hi Miss Georgia, how do you feel knowing that very soon you will be in Brazil for competing in Miss Universe?
I'm very happy that very soon I will be in Brazil,I'm waiting impatiently.

- Why did you decide to participate in Miss Georgia?
I never thought of participating any contests,but than I suddenly decided and I think this was best decision made.

- Which will be your weapons that will help you to stand out among other contestants, and that will help you to conquer the judges in Miss Universe?

I think my appearance and my individualism will help me.

- Have you already watched the photos of the other candidates? which girls do you think will be your greatest rivals?
I watched the photos and I think all of them are very special,very beautiful.

- What is your opinion about the Venezuelan Misses?
I like Venezuelan Misses,they have great charm.
- If you don't win in Miss Universe, what will you do? will you be participating in another beauty pageant?

.I think that, contests are great experience and it learns you a lot,so if you have chance to participate,you should use it.

- What advice would you give to all the young girls that would like to become misses?
The most important is to be yourself,to be very natural and without thinking much take part at contest.

- We know that you are a model, how and when did you begin your modelling carrer?
It's already 3years that I've been modeling,its not hobby for me,its my profession and I'm going to model in future
- Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes I have

- In case that you have a boyfriend, what do you prefer the most? He or the Miss Universe Crown?
Both of them

- How will be your evening gown for the Miss Universe final show?

It's very very beautiful.

- Do you have ready your national costume? could you describe it?
Yes the national dress is ready and I want it to be surprise for my fans

"Let's know more about Eka"
Name: Eka Gurtskaia
Age: 25
Nickname: I don't have nickname
Hobbis: Playing pool and tennis
Favorite singer: Barry White, Amy Whinehouse
Favorite song: All song of Barry and Amy
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food:  Xachapuri
Favorite Miss Universe: Stefania Fernandez

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