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22 ago. 2011

Entrevista Exclusiva; Miss Suecia Universo, Ronnia Fornstedt

"The Perfect Miss" tuvo la oportunidad de conversar un poco con Miss Suecia, Ronnia Fornstedt candidata a Miss Universo 2011. Acordamos esta entrevista unos días antes que Ronnia tomara el vuelo rumbo a Brasil. Ella muy amablemente hizo todo lo posible por respondernos lo mas pronto posible pero debido a la presion de los ultimos dias, hacer maletas,etc,no pudo. Hoy la bella sueca hizo un espacio y respondio a nuestra entrevista la cual se la presentamos acontinuación.

- Why did you decide to participate in Miss Universe Sweden? 
I first applied just for fun, I never thought I would actually win. But now Im here and I do not regret one moment of it! :)

- How has your victory changed your life? 

It has changed because alot more people know who i am now, but i
think thats very funny and exiting!

- Did you have to sacrifice something or to stop doing certain things for participating in Miss Universe Sweden? for example? 

My 9 to 5 job! I used to work in a "1 hour photo". But I had to stop to be able to go on this journey. (and yes it was worth it haha)

- How would you define yourself? 
I would define myself as a very happy, outgoing and generous person. I love to laugh and have fun!

- Before being a beauty queen, you signed with very important model agencies, and you got experience from it, In which way this experience can give you an advantage over the other contestants? 

The only part I have more advantage in is infront of the camera, and walking catwalks. Otherwise i find pageants and modelling very diffrent from eachother!

- Please tell us about your trip to New York, and how was your experience of having a photoshoot with Fadil Berisha and sharing it with one most recognized models, the Brazilian Adriana Lima. 
Oh first of all I have to say: I love New york! What an amazing city! The photoshoot was very exciting and I got to meet alot of people I look up to which was very nice.

As for the meeting with Adriana Lima was a meet and greet at a Victorias secret shop. And Ive always been a big fan of hers so I waited in line just to get a picture with her! haha! She told me I was very beautiful and asked me where I came from. I just couldnt believe that the most beautiful woman on the planet just told me that :D

- In case that you don't win Miss Universe, will you continue in the world of modelling? or will you ve choosing any other career? 

Yes, of course I will. But as we all know beauty is not forever so one I'm ready for it I will continue my studying to become a socialworker at a carecenter for drugaddicts and young boys and girls who got in to wrong tracks in life. :)

- What has been the most difficult part in your preparation for the Miss Universe pageant?
I'm a quick learner so all the preparations has been alright! The hardest part must be that I had to leave my family 2 weeks earlier than I thought to go preparing in USA! I miss them so much!

- Have you already seen the photos of the other candidates? which ones do you think are your strongest rivals? 
I'm sorry for taking so long to answer. I'm already here in Brazil and all the girls are beautiful and kind. Everyone is a rival, that's why it's a competition! :D(Smile)

-What do you think of the Venezuelan contestant, Vanessa Goncalves?
I haven't got a chance to speak to her yet!

-What do you think is your greatest quality for conquering the judges in the Miss Universe final show? 
My smile and my confidence on stage! I think they'll like that!

- What do you like the most of being a Miss Universe Sweden?

Just the fact that im acually representing sweden in the biggest pageant of the world is an huge honour! thats what I like the most! 

- And what is what you don't like? 
When they say that swedish girls are blonde! They're not, I'm the evidence! Haha!

- What do you think of Donald Trump and of Ximena Navarrete?

I havent met Mr Trump yet but Ximena was really nice, very happy and so down to earth!

Let's know more about Ronnia
Name: Ronnia
Age: 20
Nickname: Goofy, Longlegs, Ron
Hobbis: Photography and reading books!
Favorite singer: I have many but right now its Rihanna.
Favorite song: Always by Bon Jovi
Favorite Color: Red!
Favorite Food: Pancakes and middle eastern food.
Favorite Miss Universe: I think all of them are specia in a unique way,l thats why they won!


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